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Multi Adventure of Sumatra
Day 1/LD/Arrival-Bagan Activity
Our guide will welcome you at Minangkabau International Airport, and when already all of airport process, directly go to Sungai Pinang Village as an hour and half drive where you will start your journey. Arriving on this village, you will have an amazing welcome ceremony by local traditional art group. Have lunch at local restaurant with local food and then visit whole village to introduce area. At noon, you will join with local fishermen to prepare your night journey on the sea with Bagan (fishing boat local called). You will spend long night at Bagan to catch fish with traditional way and enjoy the simple seafood at Bagan. You will get grill fish are provided by fishermen. Your night journey will finish till the morning.
Day 2/BLD/Teaching the Kids-Pukat Activity-Begin the Trek
After return from Bagan, you will have local breakfast with fisherman then take a shower at your home stay and visiting elementary school to teach English and some knowledge. Your next activity is following Pukat Activity (Pukat is a kind of fishing net which work with small traditional boat), you will follow this from begin till end of process. After lunch at local restaurant, start to explore the Sungai Pinang Conservation Forest. On the forest, build the tents and take a look some species animal around.
Day 3/BLD/Following Gibbon-Observe Animals-Siguntur Village-Enjoy the Marak Island Beach
Wake up early morning and let’s walk to following Gibbon activities, simple breakfast on the way trek. Following Gibbon until mid day and then go back to the tent to take a simple lunch, after lunch set off the tent and continue journey to Siguntur Village as a centre of Gambir Farm. On the way pass, you will discover essential plant and some wild animals such as bird, macaque, red monkey, deer, snake, gibbon family etc. Arrive in Siguntur Village, have a look Gambir process. Take motor cycle riding to Carocok Tarusan to continue journey at Mande Area and then boating to Marak Island, Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre. Build the tent and enjoy the beach.

Day 4/BLD/Be a Volunteer-Drive to Kerinci Seblat National Park
Be a volunteer in Kalaweit Gibbon Rehabilitation Process, you will follow entire rehabilitation process i.e. feeding the gibbon, behavior observe, clean the gibbon cages and prepare the gibbon food. The process begin at 6 AM till 11 PM and after be a volunteer going to Sungai Pinang Village and lunch at local restaurant, after lunch drive 7 hours to Kerinci Seblat National Park and rest at local simple guest house pass arrive.

Day 5-7/BLD/Explore the Flora and Fauna
Today you will trek into the heart of the Sumatran rainforests, home to may diverse and exotic species of flora and fauna. Your overnight camp is in a natural cavern on the river edge. Following along the edge of a crystal clear mountain stream, take a refreshing swim to break the trek. On the day of seven afternoon, back to simple guest house.
Day 8/BLD/Bukittinggi-Sikabu Village-Bukit Barisan
After breakfast, drive 6 hours to Bukittingi and visiting some interest places such as Sianok Canyon, Harau Valley, Indah Cave and heritages buildings. Lunch at local restaurant and drive to Sikabu-kabu Village to start point of Bukit Barisan Range Hill expedition, building the tent close to Sikabu-kabu waterfall and enjoy the exciting jungle.

Day 9/BLD/Bukit Barisan Expedition
Explore the Bukit Barisan Range Hill and find the extraordinary experience, no sentence to imagine it. Simple lunch on the trek, at noon back to Padang two hours drive and enjoy the rest in four star hotel.

Day 10/B/End of tour
After breakfast your tour ends and you will be transferred to your onward destination.
Price is:
-          1325 USD/pax
-          925 USD/pax for 2-3 people
-          869 USD/pax for 4-6 people
-          785 USD/pax for up to 7 people

-          Simple Home stay
-          Four star hotel
-          All transfer (AC Car and Boat)
-          Tent
-          Donation
-          Experience team
-          English Speaking Guide
-          Simple satisfying meals when on the field and Good meals in the city
-          Personal needs such as telephone bill, laundry etc
-          Optional tours
-          Equipment out of provide
-          Airport tax
-          Drinks ( Coke, Beers etc )
-          Tips

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