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05 Days Conquer the Challenge at Sungai Pinang

Day 1 begin the trek at Sungai Pinang conservation forest L.D
Our guide will explain you the current condition of the trek, at Sungai Pinang Conservation Forest we opportunities to see how the wild animals look after their habitat. From Padang will taken an hour and half drive, arriving on this village you will have an amazing welcome ceremony by local traditional art group. Have lunch at local restaurant with local food and then visit whole village to introduce area. In the noon, your expedition will start from this village. Our local guide will lead your journey to forest (actually, the area is a wild jungle) and bringing us to our tend location, build on tend and you enjoy the river for rest time.                                                                                            
Day 2 follow the gibbon and wild animals B.L.D
Wake up at early morning and begin to following wild animals activities, but in this case is about lucky day or not. During our experience in the wild jungle, we can’t give a guaranty to get it. There, normally we can see many kind of wild such as Gibbon family, Macaque, Deer, Birds, and also we can explore the small tiger cave. After follow the wild activities, have a late breakfast and go to the river and enjoy the long tail macaque performance. In the afternoon after lunch, we start to explore the jungle.

Day 3 from highland to island B.L.D
Wake up at early morning to following gibbon activity, what they eat and behavior etc until 10 am and return to the village, breakfast on location. Lunch in the village, after lunch in the village goes to Marak Island an island where Gibbon Sanctuary exists. There, you can see how the sanctuary process and what result of their project also you can follow the sanctuary process for next day. On the day, you can enjoy to get snorkeling and at night on the beach with fire and barbeque.

Day 4 be a volunteer B.L.D
Today you will follow all of Gibbon Sanctuary process i.e. feeding, clean the cages, behavior watching and jungle monitoring. After follow entire process, back to tends and enjoy the beach with snorkeling and planting the coral.

Day 5 teaching english for the kids B.L.D
After breakfast, back to village and go to the school for while to give short English for the kids. After lunch back to Padang and explore the culinary of Padang food, check in hotel and free program

The Price is USD. 375 / person minimum 2 participants
-          All transfer
-          Tent
-          Donation
-          Experience team
-          English Speaking Guide
-          Simple satisfying meals when on the field and high quality food in the city

-          Optional tours
-          Tips
-          Hotel in Padang

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